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Hey people, i'ts fire207. I know it's kinda been a while since I've been on this club but now I'm back :). Ive been busy lately though and haven't really had time (hw, and everything) so I'm wondering if anyone would like to apply to help me out with the club. The jobs you can apply for are Join Request Manager, Art Submition Manager, and Club Messenger (descriptions of all the jobs can be found below where it says Founder and Members.)

To apply send this club a note (not comment) Saying the job you'd like, and past experiences (like clubs you've owned before, if any). If i pick you for the job I will reply to you everything you need to get started. Also in case people were thinking this it's not a real job. I cant afford to pay people, It's just to help me out. Thats it for now :)     

Oh, and sorry again to all the people who sent requests to join and I didn't get back to them till now. I think I added all of you just note me if you did'nt get added to members list

-Welcome To The Chowder-Fans Club-

This club is for all fans of the TV show chowder airing on Cartoon Network.


How To Join: To join this group send a note to us with the subject Join. We'll try to reply to you ASAP and then one we confirm your in you have to watch us and put our icon in your journal. Then thats it :).

NOTE: When you request a join the subject of the note has to be join or it wont be recognized as a join request and will be ignored You can also post a comment on our page and request a join.

How To Submit Art: Got some Chowder Art that you wanna show to the world? Well then, sent us a note with the subject Submit and a link to your art and well submit it :D.



We have a strict no mean policy. So that mean no making fun of other peoples art. No flaming at all.

To be in this group you have to be watching us and put are icon in are journal by putting : iconChowder-Fans : (without spaces) If you don't do any one of these you'll be suspended from are group until further notice

If you want to join and you send a note where the subject is not "Join" then it wont be recognized as a join request and well ignore it

If you submit its the same as the rule above the subject has to be "Submit". Also your submission has to be chowder art, if its not its kinda defeating the purpose of this group. We will not submit anything thats not chowder art in any way.


Founder: :iconfire207:

Join Request Manager: (Accepts all the join requests from people)

Art Submition Manager: (Adds all submitted artwork to the gallery)

Club Messenger: (messages people who have faved artwork in the gallery, and looks for affiliates for the club)


Contests: None but maybe if we get enough members

Affiliates: :iconmarzipan-city::iconmunchlax-munchy-club::iconchowderxpanini::iconmarzipan-harbor-club:

We are listed on: :iconclubdirectory:
  • Listening to: Chowder
  • Reading: Chowder
  • Watching: Chowder
  • Playing: Chowder
  • Eating: Chowder
  • Drinking: Chowder

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RockItTonite Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like to affiliate with :iconschnitzel-fans:?
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Hello, my group #Chowder-Role-Play would like to affiliate with your group.
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OCfactory16 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
Is this club even active anymore? >:
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can i join plz?
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may i join PLZ
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i love chowder! he's so cute! I'd like to join!
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ello,may i join?
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